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As the head coach of Baylor University's women's equestrian team, I wanted to express my gratitude for the EquiClear product. The coaches, the riders, and the horses have been extremely happy with our EquiClear arena dust control system.

EquiClear was applied to Baylor Equestrian's arena in the middle of the hot Texas summer, and we have not needed to water our arena since. Before EquiClear, the arena absolutely needed to be watered every day; the hundred degree temperatures during our summers certainly allow arenas to get dusty very quickly. With EquiClear, we have had no dust problems. Our horses and riders are healthier, and the entire coaching staff is happier, not having to work in a dusty arena all day.

Our facility is cleaner, our equipment is cleaner, and visiting coaches, riders and spectators constantly rave about our consistent, dust-free arena. We are proud to tell them about our EquiClear arena dust control system and how effective and wonderful it has been for the Baylor Equestrian Team.

Again, thank you for your wonderful product. Baylor Equestrian is proud to use EquiClear.

Ellen White
Head Coach, Baylor Equestrian

"Before using EquiClear, we had to water our indoor arena constantly. After applying it, we immediately stopped watering and noticed how much nicer it is to ride in a dust free environment. I now feel better about bringing my kids to the barn after using EquiClear. A dust free environment makes the whole experience better."
- Perry W
"Using EquiClear saves water, saves time, and makes visiting the barn cleaner and more enjoyable."
- Marie H.
"We use EquiClear because I can't stand breathing in the dust and getting covered in it while trying to enjoy our horses. It really makes all the difference in the world."
- Kate Z.
"I was skeptical when we first thought of trying EquiClear, but from the beginning, it has done exactly what it was supposed to do, keep dust down. It really works."
- Michelle W


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